Most Advanced Mobile Payment Solution in the Caribbean

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Kingston, August 24, 2016… With the launch of an innovative new mobile money platform on August 12th, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) has rolled out the most advanced mobile payment solution in the Caribbean.

The service—formally known as NCB Quisk—is a partnership between NCB and Silicon Valley-based payments company Quisk Inc. and their Jamaican partner, Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS). The launch of NCB Quisk allows Jamaica to extend its strong leadership technology position in the region. It is expected other Jamaican institutions will choose to offer the service in the future.

“Quisk isn’t a mobile wallet or a payments app, but a next-generation mobile money platform capable of supporting a wide array of transaction types and backed up by cutting edge security features,” said Steve Novak, Quisk’s Chief Executive Officer. “We set out from the very beginning to deliver a product that would work for as many Jamaicans, on as many different devices or networks as possible, through a broad range of transaction types—that is what makes Quisk so unique.”

At the core of the cutting edge new technology lies the company’s cloud-based payment platform, which essentially uses a customer’s mobile number and a secure PIN in the place of an account number. This enables anyone with a Quisk account to send and receive funds, make purchases at authorized merchants, or add or withdraw money—all verified with instant text message confirmation of each transaction. Funds are held locally, safely and securely in the customer’s Jamaican bank.

“The word we love to use is interoperability,” says Doug Halsall, Chief Executive Officer at AIS, an Information technology company based in Kingston that is partnered with Quisk. “This isn’t just the most advanced mobile money solution yet seen in the Caribbean, but a service that was designed to work on simple feature phones as well as on smartphones. This means all Jamaicans, on any mobile network, can make or receive payments by signing up for a Quisk account.”

What is more, the company says that because a mobile number and secure pin is used to complete purchases or add or remove funds from an account, transactions can be completed even if the mobile device is not present, has no service, or requires top up or a charge.

This inclusive design is something Quisk and NCB call an ‘open-loop’ mobile money system, and complies with or exceeds all Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) regulations. According to Mr. Novak, it also makes it much more advanced than earlier mobile money systems launched in Jamaica which are “closed loop” and feature a smaller array of transaction types.

Senior General Manager of NCB, Septimus Blake, who was heavily involved in the implementation of the service, sees Quisk as a natural progression for NCB and a natural evolution of banking in Jamaica: “Quisk is NCB’s direct response to what today’s customers expect and demand for more personalized service models in banking… Our market demands this and the future of the Jamaican payment landscape requires this improvement.”

Mr. Blake added that customers can sign up by registering for NCB Quisk online at or by visiting select NCB branches island-wide. 24 hour customer support is also available at 1-888-NCB-FIRST.

“An inclusive mobile money solution like NCB Quisk opens up new possibilities and new opportunities for Jamaicans” says Mr. Novak. “This is technically a highly advanced payment system, but it does something very simple — it gives Jamaicans a new way to make and receive payments via the one convenient number that everyone remembers: their phone number.”

Mr. Halsall adds that the future is bright for Jamaicans. “Modern-day Jamaica and these new, modern payment systems really have a chance to combine to create something special,” Halsall said.


About Quisk
Quisk, Inc.,, based in Silicon Valley, is an innovative cloud-based technology company empowering all people to save, spend, or access money from anywhere, on any device. Partnering with forward-thinking banks and financial institutions, Quisk delivers a quicker and easier way to pay, without needing cash or cards. Quisk is a winner of the Red Herring 2015 Global 100 Award, and is on twitter across Jamaica @GetQuisk.

About National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited
National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB),, is the largest financial group in Jamaica and is a member of the NCB Group of Companies. With roots dating as far back as 1837, NCB provides an array of products and services from 36 branch locations island-wide, including deposit accounts, unsecured and secured loans, credit cards, foreign exchange, and personal and private banking services. They are available on Twitter @ncbja.

About Advanced Integration Systems
Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS),, is an IT solutions company founded in Kingston 1987, and a leading transaction processing service provider in the health insurance and financial services industries.


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