January Postings at Quisk HQ in Sunnyvale

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Join a global financial technology company that partners with financial institutions and others to digitize cash and provide safe, simple and secure financial services and cash-less transactions for anyone with a mobile phone number. In addition to an amazing team and technology platform, Quisk offers competitive salaries and benefits, as well as family health care and 401(k) savings plans.



Senior Database EngineerQuisk Team

We are looking for an Oracle Database Engineer who will design and develop DB schemas and stored procedures that will support the functionality, scalability and performance of our high-volume transaction processing system and our web applications. The candidate will also be responsible for DB performance analysis and tuning, along with the management of our Golden Gate DB replication. He/she will participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and adhere to Agile SCRUM methodologies. Position is based out Quisk HQ in Sunnyvale, California, right next to the Google campus.

Linux System Administrator

Our new Linux System Administrator will be responsible for mission critical support of all our applications and their infrastructure. You will be res
ponsible for ensuring proper functioning, monitoring, scaling, and resiliency across all environments from development to production. Position based in Sunnyvale.

IT Operations Manager

We are currently hiring for a third position: Manager – IT and Operations to lead and grow our IT Operations department. The candidate will be responsible for managing the operations and security of the company’s servers, networks, IT infrastructure, including data security at our data centers.


Here’s what a few past and current employees have to say:


Rushabh Jain – Software Engineer

As a software developer from here in the Bay, I was always fascinated with the concept of working with a ‘cool’ new bay area startup. Luckily I made the right choice and joined this team. Quisk means a fun place to solve difficult technical challenges, with a perfect balance of personal and professional life. We start our week with a morning meeting on Mondays, and conclude it with drinks & popcorn in a small celebration each Friday. This is one of the best, smallest and most effective teams I’ve ever worked with! I would definitely recommend the working environment here at Quisk to my friends.


Anonymous Former Employee, Glassdoor.com

Headed the Right Direction….Very well-built product, awesome market segment–bringing financial inclusion to unbanked developing nations around the world, good customer acquisition channel via banks and merchant networks. Since launch, there’s a lot of positive attitudes in the team and positive attention here now, after years of toiling away building a product without any customers–It really feels like a different company.


Liqun Sun – Senior Database Engineer

At Quisk, we have a vision of enabling any mobile or POS based payment by converting existing bank accounts into a new digital payment type. Each day we work to bring new customers into the financial system and a card-number-free infrastructure to the world.  We have a talented and passionate team that works together and cares for each other like a family, and together we learn new things, share knowledge, grow and accomplish.  Most of all, it is a place where together we are making a better world for everyone on earth.  We enable a new and digital ecosystem that is quicker, easier, and safer than any other financial platform in the world today, and we do it via a cloud based system that makes it more accessible to the banks we serve. Having worked here for over for over 4 years now, we welcome all the talented and motivated new engineers we can get. If you want to work with a wide array of stakeholders and make a difference in the world, there is no more rewarding job than to join the team at Quisk.


Anonymous Former Employee, Glassdoor.com

Great Place to Work….Amazing working culture, smart people, company is ready to invest in you, technology stack.


David Koerner – Marketing

Payments is a large space, and most companies out there seem to offer a me-too app or e-wallet that only works well for a small minority of customers. What excited me about working for Quisk is that it’s a next-generation electronic payment system designed for all: We work with financial institutions and governments in emerging markets to integrate with core banking platforms and issue Quisk electronic debit accounts to any customer with a mobile number, on any mobile device or network. Our model allows us to add value to everyone in the chain: To banks we bring new transaction volume and new customers, without clogging branches and while reducing the costs of managing cash. To merchants we reduce losses and theft, increase customer purchasing power, and offer a way to reach and reward visitors–all at fees lower than our card-based competitors. To customers we deliver a new, secure, and more affordable way to pay. The best part of working at Quisk is, I think we are just getting started!  We launched in the Caribbean late 2016 and have a launch planned in the UAE in 2017, so there is an energy among everyone, huge growth ahead, and an ability to create our own career paths and make a measurable impact.