Quisk and Network International Offer Innovative New Digital Payment Solution in Middle East

Cashless, cardless, and mobile-free, the payment system successfully passed technological tests

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.–Silicon Valley’s Quisk Inc., a global provider of digital payment services and solutions, is soon to launch its all-new digital payment platform in the UAE, to be applied at all point of sale (POS) terminals across the country managed by Network International, the leading payment solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa.

Backed by the Smart Dubai Government Establishment (SDG), Quisk plans to launch this new generation of smart payment solutions to banks later this year.

His Excellency Wesam Lootah, CEO of SDG, said: “The Smart Dubai Government Establishment constantly strives to make life easier and more convenient for people in Dubai; we launch bold initiatives based on cutting-edge technology and adopt innovative, breakthrough solutions that allow residents to go about their daily tasks as seamlessly as possible. Launching the trial version of this new generation of smart payment solutions allows us to add another dimension to the smart payment experience, and brings us even closer to our goal of making Dubai the happiest city in the world. One of the key features setting this platform apart from other similar products is its unprecedented flexibility: users are free to use any device to avail the service. This path-breaking development opens the door for an entirely new concept of smart banking transactions.”

Quisk is a cloud computing system designed to integrate with the core dubai skylinebanking platform of any bank in the UAE to deliver new and affordable digital solutions to customers. Using customers’ phone numbers and secured PINs rather than card or bank account numbers, the payment system allows anyone to efficiently manage, pay or save money, even those without a bank account today.

Unlike payment systems designed for smartphones or those limited to SMS, Quisk’s technology can be used by any phone across a range of transactions, including retail purchases, government services and bill payments. It can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs, complete e-commerce transfers, and conduct individual remittances. Quisk digital accounts can be connected to any source of funds – bank accounts, credit cards, or digital wallets – and can securely complete payments without requiring the use of a smartphone application, data connection, mobile minutes, or a charge.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Smart Dubai Government for the next generation of new mobile payment services that will go beyond the limits of devices and dramatically change the way payments are made,” said Samer Soliman, Managing Director – Group Acquiring at Network International.

“The new payment system will help millions of financial account holders in the Middle East and Africa region in general – and the Gulf region, in particular,” Soliman continued. “Our goal is not only to consolidate the culture of digital money but to facilitate payments and all other payment services as well. While it will help the financial system be more integrated, Quisk will also provide new, convenient, and secure ways for conducting transactions.”

Ziad Alshobaki, Managing Director of Quisk Middle East, agrees. “With all the progress we are currently witnessing, there is no better place than the UAE to apply the world’s most unique and comprehensive financial solution for making payments via mobile phones. Now that the POS network is being enabled in the UAE, we are officially ready to begin offering Quisk to our bank customers,” he says. “We are working to make financial transactions digital, accessible through any device, and as convenient as possible for all.”