Quisk Presents at Mobile World Congress 2018: Barcelona

MWC 2018 showcased the technologies and companies that are shaping the future of mobile, and as the world’s first multi-issuer, multi-acquirer mobile money ecosystem built for operators and banks, Quisk was honored to be showcased and invited to speak there.

Adéu Barcelona!

Another MWC has finally closed in Barcelona, and with it, the year’s premeire event for mobile network operators and mobile money solutions around the world. #MWC2018 featured over 100,000 visitors from 205 countries and territories and showcased breakthroughs in the areas of 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), content and media, drones, blockchain, policy and regulation, and–of course–mobile money.

At the heart of the show in Hall 4 this year was something called the GSMA Innovation City, and it was there that Quisk was featured, speaking about how the Quisk ecosystem delivers a better future for operators, banks, merchants, citizens and governments around the world. CTO of Quisk Praveen Amancherla took the stage twice to summarize the advantages of Quisk’s open-loop and interoperable payment platform:

Unlike many mobile wallets and app-based competitors, Quisk works with smartphones as well as feature phones to reach many more customers. This increases utility to consumers and transaction volumes for bank and operator partners, and is a cornerstone of Quisk’s success in new markets.

 All customer funds are held in a bank, not on a customers phone or SIM, meaning that your money is safe and your funds can be accessed if your device is lost or stolen, or lacks data plan or a charge. In rural areas with poor connectivity, money can be deposited or withdrawn and purchases made even without an internet connection.  The beauty of the Quisk payment type is this durability compared to other mobile money systems.

 While many mobile money competitors are also capable of top-up or ‘P2P’ transactions, Quisk shines with it’s ability to support a variety of ‘P2M’ merchant payment types, from integration with any existing point of sale terminals and card readers to facilitating purchases without a POS. Business owners with a smartphone can request payment using a Quisk account holders phone number even remotely, or can accept payment in their device in real time using Quisk’s free mPOS (mobile Point Of Sale) app. Merchants and vendors with only a feature phone can accept payments from customers via SMS. All businesses can print a custom QR code to display at the register so Quisk customers can scan and pay with just a few quick taps, and all businesses can add a Quisk payment option to their website or apps for eCommerce or mCommerce functionality. All payment types are live in the Quisk system today, were demonstrated at MWC in Barcelona, and will continue to grow and evolve as new advancements unlock even more devices that Quisk is able to integrate to.

 Not only does Quisk offer a wide range of P2M types, but the system also features a real time bill-pay for utilities and businesses, G2P or ‘Government to Person’ transfers to any Quisk customers, customer direct deposit for salaries or other payments, and many other transaction types, making it one of the broadest and most accessible mobile money solutions in the world today.

 For mobile network operators and other issuers, Quisk is a mobile money solution that combines automated bulk upload of customers with a fully customizable KYC and verification process. This means new account holders receive a text invite and can follow easy prompts to register, while meeting or exceeding the requirements of local regulators.

 Quisk is asset-light, so no large capital equipment or investments are required to get started. Customers can link to bank accounts if they have them, or cash in and cash out from any agent in the network or any enabled POS terminal or ATM.

 Banks or Mobile Operators issuing Quisk mobile money to customers benefit from built-in settlement and reconciliation, eliminating time consuming and expensive processes and lowering the costs of cash in their operations.

 Quisk acts like digital cash, delivering more ways to pay, for more customers–even those without a bank account or financial access today.  This end-to-end payment network is designed from the ground up to offer a modern new payment alternative in emerging markets or cash economies.

In Barcelona, Praveen was joined on stage by Steve Novak, Chairman and CEO, as well as Deviprasad Malladi, CEO of Quisk India to introduce guests to the Quisk cloud platform and talk about mobile money funding channels, integration to and compatibility with mobile agent networks, mobile money for payment acquirers, and various mobile money offerings and comparisons.

If you missed Mobile World Congress this year and our speech there, or are interested in exploring the benefits of issuing Quisk mobile money to your subscribers and account holders, reach out to us! We’d love to schedule a 1:1 with you or your team and answer any questions you might have.

Otherwise, thank you Barcelona and we will see you again next year!